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Ballet 8 Descender Talon Hook Pull-Strap by Fire Innovations F4 Escape, Auto-Locking Descent Control Device, NFPA-E
Ballet 8 Descender
Starting at:: $16.95
Talon Hook Pull-Strap
Starting at:: $29.99
Sale Price: $16.99
A low profile, descent device available in Red, Gold and Black.. TALON Hook is an advanced anchoring option for emergency escape. The
steel replaceable tips are unique to this device.UL certified to NFPA
1983, 2012 edition Escape Anchor
The F4 firefighter emergency egress tool is a NFPA certified descender with all aluminum construction. Available in Red or Black.
*NOTICE: The F4 escape device is only certified with approved Sterling escape ropes.
Core 7.5 NFPA Descender by Fire Innovations
Core 7.5 NFPA Descender
Starting at:: $139.99
Sale Price: $124.99
The Core 7.5 Descender is perfect for firefighter bailout. It excels with its easy
horizontal travel and is virtually impossible to hang up on a window